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Australia Franjos Kitchen Lactation Cookies



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Pregnancy Cookies

Ginger & Apricot taste

Kinder Cookies



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Franjo's Kitchen was Invited to NZ TV : the Am Show

To celebrating World Breastfeeding Week 1st-7th August 2018, recorgnisingon the importance of breastfeeding, New Zealand the Am Show invited Fran Woods, co-owner of Franjo's Kitchen, for great lactation and breastfeeding advice.

100% 天然健康成分

天然有機成分 通乳催奶滋養


I saw these biscuits in the office of a midwife I was seeing for breastfeeding help and suggested to give it a try. They taste good and have helped increase my supply! . I normally get 80-90ml per express and now I'm hitting 100-110ml... it is amazing!

Bronwyn R. 11th Jan 2018

These cookies are the reason I didn't give up breastfeeding my first at 2 months. My milk had almost dried up. Thankfully a friend recommended Franjo's lactation cookies and I immediately placed an order! I ended up breastfeeding my first for over 1.5 years ( only stopping because I was 20 weeks pregnant and tender! ) I'm now using these bikkies with my second. I recommend these bikkies to all of my friends who fall pregnant! Wonderful products!!! 💕

Jessica T. 15th Oct 2017

Delicious and they really do work. Highly recommend for breast feeding mums with low milk supply. I have purchased this product multiple times and will continue to do so.
Packaging is great and helps keep cookies fresh.

Esin D. 3rd July 2017

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