Kids Cookies - Vanilla & Chia   兒童曲奇  香草奇亞籽口味
Kids Cookies - Vanilla & Chia   兒童曲奇  香草奇亞籽口味
Kids Cookies - Vanilla & Chia   兒童曲奇  香草奇亞籽口味
Kids Cookies - Vanilla & Chia   兒童曲奇  香草奇亞籽口味
Kids Cookies - Vanilla & Chia   兒童曲奇  香草奇亞籽口味

Kids Cookies - Vanilla & Chia 兒童曲奇 香草奇亞籽口味

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Kinders Cookies - 香草奇亞籽口味 

作為父母,我們的角色是用健康的食物來滋養我們的孩子, 我們對您的承諾是,您永遠不會在我們的產品中看到任何加工成份。只有真正的100%天然的成分。


有機全麥拼麵粉,有機椰子糖,有機椰子油,有機椰子,澳大利亞種植的奇亞籽,天然香草,無鋁發酵粉,米粉,澳大利亞Murray River鹽片,水





As parents it is our role to nourish our children with real, wholesome food, we also understand how much trickier this is to achieve in recent times.

Our promise to you is that you will never see any nasties in our products. There is nothing refined here,  only real, 100% naturopath approved ingredients.

Healthy kids are happy kids. We know your child will love the taste of our kinder range and so will their little bodies. Our kinder range is vegan and also great for those with dairy and egg allergy. We are lunch box friendly too! 

This product is great for children from 12 months of age and we recommend they are supervised and always sitting in an upright position when eating.

Did you know: 
Organic wholemeal spelt flour is a gut friendly ancient grain, higher in protein, lower in gluten, packed with nutrients and is easier to digest than common wheat. organic coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, like your breast milk. It can play an incredible role in the health of our children from brain and hormone health to assisting with the absorption of vitamins from foods.

Organic coconut sugar is a wonderful alternative to refined sugar. Containing vitamins and minerals it has a lower G.I so is absorbed at a slower rate and less likely to cause sugar highs. We also only use a little in our bikkies!


• More balanced babes
• Improved appetite control
• Happier tummies

Organic wholemeal spelt flour, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, organic coconut, Australian grown chia meal, nature vanilla, aluminium free baking powder, rice flour, Australia murray river gourmet salt flakes, water


Storage Method

Store in a cool or room temperature area, and keep dry.

After unpacking, please seal and store in the refrigerator.