Lactation Cookies - Choc Chip  催乳曲奇 巧克力口味
Lactation Cookies - Choc Chip  催乳曲奇 巧克力口味
Lactation Cookies - Choc Chip  催乳曲奇 巧克力口味
Lactation Cookies - Choc Chip  催乳曲奇 巧克力口味

Lactation Cookies - Choc Chip 催乳曲奇 巧克力口味

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催乳曲奇 巧克力口味







Our Choc Chip Lactation Cookies are nourishing and delicious and our original choc chip is a crowd favourite. 

Full of natural galactagogues oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds. Along with the superfood’s chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour our tankers not only help you ‘fill up your tanks’ whilst breastfeeding but also load you & your baby up with vitamins, minerals & good fats during this time.


It specifically made for breastfeeding mums to help boost their milk supply. It is delicious and full of amazing goodness for mums and babies.

We understand that most new mothers are extremely busy and have no time to cook something nutritious for themselves, our lactation cookies will make life easier for them so they have the good energy to take care of the little ones.

Each ingredient in this cookie has been carefully selected and plays an important role in not only helping mums meet their breastfed baby’s needs but also their own health.

14 cookies per tin

Our cookies are best taken all together rather scattered throughout the day.
We recommend taking 2 cookies together after lunch.  If you have extremely low amount of milk and need a good boost up, please take 4 cookies together.   

Australian oats, organic buckwheat flour, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup, dark compound chocalate chip, vagetable fat, cocoa powder, brewers yeast, flaxseed meal, nature vanilla, chia seed, Australia murray river gourmet salt flakes

Need more milk?

Our key ‘galactogogue’ ingredients are brewers yeast, fennel, fenugreek and flaxseeds. Each have their own reputation to boost breast milk supply and have been used for centuries by mums all over the world.

Due to the abundance of very important B group vitamins and iron found in brewers yeast, sunflower seeds and brown rice flour.

Improved Appetite
Control and a reduction in sugar cravings due to the high amounts of the nutrient chromium in brewer’s yeast, this may help to balance blood sugar levels and curb cravings. Sunflower seeds are a rich source of protein and good good fats. Protein and fat are so important for appetite control and will assist in keeping you fuller for longer. 

Heal and Recover Quickly
Post partum from any tears or cesarean wounds. The bioflavonoid rutin found in buckwheat combined with the decent protein levels found in sunflower seeds, buckwheat, flaxseeds, chia seeds and brewers yeast mean our lactation cookies may assist in repairing the body’s cells post partum trauma.

Storage Method

Store in a cool or room temperature area, and keep dry.

After unpacking, please seal and store in the refrigerator.