清貨優惠 2022.03 到期 Lactation Muesli - Date, Walnut & Maple Crunchy 香脆催乳麥片 核桃楓糖棗口味
清貨優惠 2022.03 到期 Lactation Muesli - Date, Walnut & Maple Crunchy 香脆催乳麥片 核桃楓糖棗口味
清貨優惠 2022.03 到期 Lactation Muesli - Date, Walnut & Maple Crunchy 香脆催乳麥片 核桃楓糖棗口味
清貨優惠 2022.03 到期 Lactation Muesli - Date, Walnut & Maple Crunchy 香脆催乳麥片 核桃楓糖棗口味

清貨優惠 2022.03 到期 Lactation Muesli - Date, Walnut & Maple Crunchy 香脆催乳麥片 核桃楓糖棗口味

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香脆催乳麥片 核桃楓糖棗口味









Unlike most of the other cereals on the market, this muesli not only delivers on taste and texture but also on nutrition and functionality, very yummy crunchy breakfast muesli to top with favourite yoghurt, fresh fruit , porridge and milk to start your day with healthy energy.

With the addition of natural Galactagogues; Australian oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal together with nutritious organic coconut oil, organic activated buckinis (buckwheat), cur rants, dates and walnuts, this Crunchy Muesli is a true functional food.

We hope that they will not only help to fill up Mum and her tanks with more than just the essential vitamins, minerals and good fats for her milk production but also extra nourishing  phyto-nutrients to support her and her energy levels during this very demanding time.


It specifically made for breastfeeding mums to help boost their milk supply. It is delicious and full of amazing goodness for mums and babies.

We understand that most new mothers are extremely busy and have no time to cook something nutritious for themselves, our lactation cookies will make life easier for them so they have the good energy to take care of the little ones.

Each ingredient in this cookie has been carefully selected and plays an important role in not only helping mums meet their breastfed baby’s needs but also their own health.

360gm per tin

We recommend taking 60gm of granola per day to help boost your supply.
Most Mum’s see milky benefits after eating one 60gm serve of Crunchy Muesli,

Everyone is different and we all require varying amounts of functional foods to produce an effect. You may need more or less of the recommended serves to gain a boost in supply.  

Australian oats
Oats are one of the most well regarded Galacogogues going around and not to mention of the original ‘super foods’. Naturally high in iron and fibre this common comfort food is a winner for mums. This warming and relaxing quality of oats has been thought to be one of the reasons behind aiding in a faster let-down, which in turn can build a healthy milk supply.

Certified organic buckinis (Buckwheat)
Buckwheat is not related to wheat at all. It is actually a gluten free seed and is one of the best sources of high quality, easily digestible proteins. We love buckwheat because it is rich in the bioflavonoid rutin, a very important nutrient for mum’s indeed as it assists in strengthening connecting tissue. In addition, buckwheat can help to draw excess fluid from your body (fluid retention). We all know that puffy feeling in those last few months and post baby delivery don’t we?  Thank you buckwheat. Shall we hand you over the muesli now?

Brewer’s yeast
This highly nutritive yeast is naturally rich in B complex vitamins, essential for energy production and they are one of the key supportive vitamins for the nervous system. Brewers yeast also contains the blood sugar balancing nutrient chromium, perfect to help keep you running all day long and free from sugar lows. It is also packed with iron, a nutrient commonly deficient in new mums as well as the anti-oxidant selenium to help keep you young, got to love that! Brewer’s yeast has been recommended by midwives and folk health care providers for years and it is one of the most traditional galactogogues going around.

Linseed meal
Linseed meal is wonderful source of omega 3 fats, fibre and calcium as well as phosphorus. So the fact we use this means you are getting one heck of a good dose of these beneficial nutrients.

Organic Coconut oil
We chose coconut oil as the perfect fat for our products. It’s health benefits are what drew us to using this amazing ingredient. Did you know organic coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which is actually a very health and necessary type of saturated fat.  It can aid in boosting one’s metabolism, improving the health and skin and hair and generally overall organ health. Using coconut oil instead of margarine or other not so healthy trans fats means our bikkies are dairy free and free of nasty trans fats.

Think brain health and memory, anti-aging, anti-cancer, blood sugar stabilisation and weight control… and this is not all. Walnuts are one of the best nuts going so it was an easy pick to include them in our Crunchy Muesli. Enjoy not on the texture and taste but also the health benefits!

The natural caramel! We love dates, their natural caramel sweetness and the fact they are rich in fibre. Something every Mum needs! They are also naturally high in iron and have also galactagogue properties.


Storage Method

Store in a cool or room temperature area, and keep dry.

After unpacking, please seal and store in the refrigerator.