Q1. How many lactation breastfeeding cookies should I be eating per day to get any benefits?
Our mums have noticed results in boosting and maintaining milk supply by eating 2-4 Tanker Toppers a day.

Q2. How do Tanker Toppers work?
We have utilized four very well known galactagogues in our bikkies – oats, brewers yeast, almonds and flaxseeds. These four foods have been used for centuries to help with milk production.

*Galactagogue is a Greek word for substance the promotes lactation

Q3. What do lactation breastfeeding cookies taste like?
Our lactation breastfeeding cookies taste like a cross between a delicious oat biscuit and a muesli slice. Obviously the chocolate chip biscuit tastes a little more indulgent whereas the fig and almond biscuit has a more natural tasting sweetness and crunch from the almonds. You may notice a very mild salty or “sharp” after taste, that is the brewers yeast doing its magic helping your milk fill up quickly!

Q4. How long will my lactation breastfeeding cookies last?
We do not use any preservatives in our products, accordingly we recommend they be consumed within 2 weeks once opening.  They can last for one year freshness when they are not opened.



Q1. Can I eat pregnancy cookies if I have diabetes / gestational diabetes?
It goes without saying that if you are diabetic or not everyone should watch their sugar intake. Too much can impact your body negatively. The type of sugar you consume will also have varying effects and what you eat or drink with those sugars will also play a role in how your body metabolises (breaks down and utilizes) the sugar. We all know however that the biggest problem we face is overconsumption of sugars.

For all of our sweet biscuit and muesli products we have specifically chosen more mineral and nutrient dense forms of sugar in organic coconut sugar and organic maple syrup not cane, white or regular brown sugar. The other positive is that we use only the truly beneficial fat of organic coconut oil (not palm, vegetable or hydrogenated oils) and fibre rich whole grains such as oats, buckwheat flour, teff flour and quinoa flour.

The synergy of these ingredients in our products as well as the inclusion of the seeds chia and flaxseeds as well as brewers yeast which is rich in B group vitamins, makes our biscuits and muesli extremely balanced. Therefore we hope that sugar levels will not respond as negatively as other products. Many sweet products do not contain these fibre rich or good fat ingredients that actually help to reduce the negative blood sugar effects of straight sugar. It is extremely important that you monitor your sugar levels at all times when introducing new food products to your diet so we suggest you try a biscuit or small amount of muesli and test yourself accordingly and see how your body responds. 

Our crackers contain no added sugars at all.  Our Activated Charcoal crackers for pregnant mums is wonderful snack choice for most people, pregnant, breastfeeding or not.  Activated charcoal has been used for hundreds of years to assist with digestion and could be of benefit many people. Both of our cracker varieties, Activated charcoal and Fennel and Fenugreek contain beautiful extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed meal, organic brown rice flour and flaxseed meal. They are both truly nourishing crackers. 

This said, our Fennel and Fenugreek crackers for lactation must be cautioned for those mums with diabetes. Fenugreek has been used for centuries to actually help reduce bloody sugar levels. It is a natural hypoglycaemic herb. Please closely monitor your blood sugar levels before and after eating the crackers as it may contribute to lowering your bloody sugar too much and may result in hypoglycaemia if eaten in excess or if you are taking additional fenugreek tablets or other blood sugar medication.